Account Management

We know that an effective customer support structure is vitally important to delivering solutions to our customers. For many customers, our Account Managers are the face of our business, they’re the tip of the iceberg, forming part of a bigger team who are involved in ensuring there’s “no pain of change” when you mobilise with us. Our support teams all play a part in ensuring your experience with us is always a positive one.

Our Account Management team have overall responsibility for ensuring we deliver against your economic, environmental and social goals as part of our strategic contract delivery.

What can you expect from our Account Managers?

We will:

  • Attend regular review meetings to discuss performance for the preceding and forthcoming periods
  • Review projects that optimise materials and collection services and create “Value For Money”.
  • Ensure delivery of relevant KPIs and provide reports as validation of our performance
  • Produce financial, health & safety, quality and environmental reports
  • Keep you informed of changes to environmental legislation and critical changes within our industry

Our Account Managers produce bespoke business plans developed in partnership with you during the mobilisation phase of our relationship. It ensures that all stakeholders understand and deliver the expectations and aspirations we aim to achieve during the term of the contract.