Sustainable solutions

We believe that all businesses need to have a deeper understanding of the circular economy and the waste hierarchy. It’s essential to us that our solutions have a positive contribution on the environment, and that resources are used in the most sustainable way possible. Concern for the environment and future generations is crucial, that’s why we focus on resource management not waste management.

Responsibility needs to be shared for improving the environment through partnerships and collaborations that encourage businesses, consumers, and government to work together to make changes across the whole supply chain.

Products need to be better designed to make it easier to reuse or repurpose them. Most importantly, products need to be recyclable and contain high levels of recycled content.

We hold “Silver” status as a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School. The School works together with its Partners and members to provide an online and in-person community improving the knowledge of the built environment sector. With growing populations and increasing demand on finite resources, the need to tackle sustainability issues is paramount. We need to decouple the link between economic growth and increased environmental impact whilst at the same time increasing social value for the communities in which we operate. In essence, we need to deliver more from less.

Our Procurement team have developed several goals and targets:

  • Even greater emphasis on delivering sustainable solutions to help our customers achieve zero waste to landfill
  • Sourcing partners who have developed infrastructure in all existing and emerging waste treatment technologies including energy from waste, gasification, material recovery and anaerobic digestion facilities
  • Development of sophisticated reporting via “The Hub”, concentrating on areas such as materials recycled or recovered, carbon emission savings, carbon offsetting and accurate weight data
  • Implementation of a sustainability database which covers all suppliers and grades them in respect of their environmental practices.
  • Ensuring compliance with all statutory legislation & regulations

There are also many sustainability targets and goals that we’ve set to ensure our customers are minimising the environmental impact their actions have on society. We:

  • Promote sustainability measures by utilising engagement campaigns supported with marketing materials such as posters, toolbox talks, waste journey boards and awareness days
  • Promote Zero Waste to Landfill Policies to ensure we are exhausting all options available before considering landfill
  • Deploy Waste compliance Manuals to ensure our customers know how to identify, handle and store waste streams to deliver best practice across their estates.