our standards

Our contractor selection process ensures that we offer our customers solutions that represent the best value. This isn’t the same thing as being cheap. Our solutions balance cost, quality and sustainability to meet the needs of our customers. It all begins with our supplier accreditation process:

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    When selecting contractors for our clients, we focus on five key factors:

    Locality – We will match you with the best facilities within close proximity to your sites. This approach ensures a minimised carbon footprint and will provide you with a quick, responsive service. From the Hub, you will be able to monitor road miles travelled by collection drivers and translate this into CO2 emissions.

    Value for money – We can leverage our substantial buying power to minimise your waste budget and mitigate against annual increases generally associated with waste management. We won’t just match you with the cheapest supplier available; instead you will receive the highest quality and safest solutions our industry has to offer.

    HSE compliance – Selecting service partners who already hold similar credentials to ourselves means that you can always be sure that we are protecting your business by meeting all legal regulations and relevant industry standards.

    Specialisation – We will select the right service partners for each individual waste stream. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of each customer; they’re designed to maximise, optimise, rationalise and energise. We ensure that your waste materials are sent to the right end destinations so that they can be treated in line with the principles of the waste hierarchy.

    Relationship with contractor – Service partners who have a track record of delivering exceptional service performance with us will be favoured for new contracts.

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    Our Procurement and SHEQ teams are responsible for managing our accredited service partners. The teams continuously review service success, rate cards, response times for ad-hoc services and weight data for each supplier. By doing so, they can reward service partners who continue to perform well. Further monitoring is delivered through:

    The Hub – Performance data on the Hub can be used to view how many jobs each supplier is servicing per week, where these jobs are and their success rates.

    Internal standards – We set internal contract specific goals to ensure that service partners continuously meet targets. KPIs are monitored, assessed and discussed during regular review meetings.

    Customer feedback – Some of how we monitor customer satisfaction and complaints is through online questionnaires and by investigating call logs on the Hub. From this we can make sure that you are receiving the best service possible. If you’re not satisfied, we will delve into the root cause of the issue and improve our performance as necessary.

    Our supplier accreditation process allows us to create a service that is built around you and exceeds your expectations.

  • We manage and deliver an exemplary service. + Click to open

    This is demonstrated by our 99% “collection success” performance. Many businesses in our industry define service success as collecting within 1 or 2 days of the intended date. For us, Service Success is about being on-time, every time.