A proactive partnership

UKWSL has worked with one of the UK’s leading care home providers who offers professional residential, nursing and specialist dementia care for older people. They aim to be the first choice care home in each community for residents and colleagues. This mission will be achieved through providing the kindest possible care to more than 10,000 residents in over 230 care homes across the United Kingdom.

In 2015 UKWSL were awarded a long term contract as the preferred waste solutions partner for one of Britain’s leading healthcare providers.

Due to the success of our account management team in delivering projects that meet and exceed client expectations the decision was made to award UKWSL a further 3 year contract. This gave us the opportunity to work together to develop long term continuous improvements that deliver sustainable environmental solutions.

What did UKWSL deliver?

Through container optimisation and rationalisation, UKWSL has increased recycling to 43%. This is nearly double the recycling rate our client achieved with their previous supplier. A further 48% of total waste arisings is sent for recovery with just 9% being treated as residual waste. UKWSL’s focus on the waste hierarchy means that we are committed to continuously improving recycling rates and identifying innovative solutions to further divert residual waste from landfill. The success of our account management team in understanding client needs, engaging with sites and creating new solutions has resulted in significantly improved environmental credentials for our client. Our account management team have also identified £145,000 of annualised cost savings through the optimisation and rationalisation audit process.

How did UKWSL deliver?

The first project that UKWSL identified was to implement food waste collection services across the client estate and to reduce their general waste capacity. This project delivered both improvements in recycling statistics, but also delivered a cost benefit to our client.

After this project had been delivered, UKWSL benchmarked sites in order to analyse trends. By comparing waste spend with the number of available beds we were able to establish an “average spend per bed”. This type of trend mapping gives us the opportunity to compare sites no matter how big or small they are. By mapping the results on a scatter chart we were able to identify average spend and identify sites which fall outside the “average” range. Our account management team engaged with sites that showed best practice and then audited poorly performing sites looking for solutions that replicate best practice already being demonstrated by other sites.

UKWSL delivered Webinar training sessions for sites to communicate change and the benefits those changes have both environmentally and against individual site budgets. This process was also supported with the release of initiative packs, bespoke signage and posters that meet the needs of a client in the care sector. UKWSL doesn’t just look at waste after it has been put into external containers to find solutions. Our audit and engagement program looks to identify the root cause of issues which often starts inside a property. UKWSL made recommendations which were implemented to ensure that internal bins were suitable to maximise segregation of all waste streams.

Continuous Improvement

Once UKWSL has identified and agreed projects with the client our account management team determine “what” and “how” to achieve our goals using the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) based approach. As part of the “improve” phase we created a monthly league table showing environmental performance. The competition and friendly rivalry between sites creates a desire for sites to identify and implement their own improvements. The continuous improvements are recognised through a financial rewards scheme for two homes classed as “Recycler of the Quarter”. UKWSL continues to monitor changes at sites for 3 months and regular feedback sessions are held with site managers to address issues as they arise.

UKWSL’s proved model for success can be replicated with other clients in the healthcare sector. Our culture of engagement, innovation and excellence is what makes UKWSL stand out from other companies in the waste industry.