Climbing the waste hierarchy

UKWSL currently works with one of the UK’s largest independent engineering and services businesses. Our customer is a provider of technical engineering and maintenance services which range from recurring maintenance activities, to the end-to-end delivery of replacement and new build capital projects. Their uncompromising approach to service delivery is based on the foundation of operating safe, disciplined and quality-focused customer solutions. This approach mirrors the values of UKWSL and is one of the key reasons we have been working in partnership for several years now.

Outsourced Sustainable Business Model

UKWSL operates an outsource business model as opposed to the traditional self-delivery model. Not owning bins, trucks and facilities provides us with the flexibility to source the highest quality and best-fit service providers that work in the local communities within which our customer has its depots.

We are very conscious that a lot of innovation in the waste and recycling industry happens in the smaller regional businesses. We are focused on bringing the best of this to our customer. 99% of all services UKWSL manages are delivered via local providers. By managing both collection and material processing in a localised manner, we can support the principle of a ‘localised circular economy.’

The additional benefit of supporting local circular economies is that UKWSL looks to work with the right partners. By applying a proximity principle, UKWSL will ensure our service partners are locally based in relation to the customer depots. This means that vehicles regularly travel through a smaller service area thereby maximising the quality and timeliness of collection services.

The additional benefit is that the associated carbon footprint is reduced by avoiding the unnecessary travelling miles. UKWSL’s success in applying these principles means that our customer has a 99% ‘on-time’ service success rate. Some of our competitors in the waste industry report service success by including missed collections recovered within an agreed number of days. For UKWSL, service success is about always being ‘on-time.’

Focusing On The Waste Heirarchy

Prior to commencing a partnership with UKWSL, our customer recycled just 19% of materials being disposed of. In the years that have followed, UKWSL has been committed to delivering year on year improvements in recycling and in diverting waste from landfill. By 2019, our customer’s environmental credentials had significantly improved. Recycling rates had increased to approximately 73% with landfill diversion exceeding 99%.

UKWSL’s vision and commitment means that we are consistently reviewing services to seek continuous improvements. We support our customer in raising awareness and educating staff about the global and local challenges we face in regards to waste management and the environment. Engagement and awareness are fundamental in delivering successful change and creating a new culture where we consider how our behaviour affects the environment around us.

Project Management

UKWSL’s account management team is committed to delivering a programme of continuous improvement for our customer. Through our long-term strategic business plan and project roadmap, we have been able to deliver many projects that have had a lasting impact on our customer’s environmental credentials. Over the past year, our key focus has been on ensuring the depots have the best-fit solution that meets their operational needs and where possible, reduces the associated waste budget.

UKWSL MORE optimised services and focused on:

Minimise the cost per cubic meter by ensuring the most suitable containers are used

Optimise container solutions to ensure all recyclable material is placed into the right containers

Rationalise services ensuring half full bins are not being emptied

Energise staff through our engagement programme

The feedback from sites and the desire to embrace change has meant that solutions being recommended are both welcomed and fully implemented. The impact that both the technical and cultural change has delivered can be seen in both financial and environmental terms.

Alongside the routine delivery of projects, UKWSL has also managed several complex waste streams that have arisen unexpectedly. Our Total Waste Management solutions mean we have been able to support our customer with full site clearances, removal of fly tipped waste as well as the reactive management of other complex, specialist waste streams. Our customer operates with its own Waste Carriers Licence, but does not have a network of disposal facilities that it can use across the UK. UKWSL works with a number of waste carriers and commercial disposal facilities across the country. As a result, we have been able to offer direct tipping to our customer via our network of suppliers.

Innovation Through Technology

UKWSL has won an Innovation Award for our bespoke- designed web portal “The Hub”. Our portal presents honest, accurate and real-time data, giving our customer complete confidence in the services that UKWSL provides. The Hub shows clearly presented data and uses secure log-in’s to keep our customer’s information safe. As the system is live and web-based, information is accessible anywhere and anytime our customer requires it. Depots have a quick and transparent way of track requests and source information.   

Our customer’s finance team can view invoices, statements and backings data which means they no longer need to retain physical paperwork. Not only does this reduce the need for storage and archiving, but reduces waste being generated in the first place. This is a key added value for UKWSL as it emphasises the top tier of the waste hierarchy.

In support of our customers corporate social responsibilities, our web portal can also be used to show tonnage generated by waste stream, by depot and by month, giving both UKWSL and our customer the ability to analyse trends and create projects designed to minimise the impact operations have on the environment. Compliance documentation including electronic copies of waste carrier licences, waste transfer notes, disposal site permits, hazardous waste consignment notes and more, are all held on the portal. This gives our customer confidence that they can access data required for ISO audits, Environment Agency visits and regulatory inspections.