Protecting tomorrow – today

“Based on our experiences to date, I would have no hesitation in recommending UKWSL to other organisations that are seeking to improve their environmental performance. As our waste management partner, UKWSL has supported and encouraged us on our journey to zero waste to landfill status.

Whilst we have only been working in partnership with UKWSL for a short period of time, we are already seeing a hugely positive impact on our business, both environmentally and commercially. Their advice on waste segregation and how to improve our recycling performance has been particularly invaluable. Their account management team is always very proactive and their attitude and approach to business is mirrored in their service levels and the quality of their communication. This is something we had not received from previous suppliers. We look forward to continuing our partnership and making Harry Ramsden’s an increasingly sustainable business for the future. For all these reasons and more, we see UKWSL as a different kind of corporate.’’ really can be a myth.

Category Manager


In 2018, UKWSL was awarded a long-term contract to work in partnership with Harry Ramsden’s to provide a total waste management solution across its core restaurant brand. The UKWSL estate currently encompasses 8 restaurants.

Prior to submitting any proposal, UKWSL committed to auditing all the relevant restaurants. This was done to gain a greater understanding of the current processes and procedures in use, as well as understanding the volumes of the waste streams actually being generated at the various sites. By combining this information with our knowledge and experience in the hospitality sector, we were able to identify optimised service solutions that meet and exceed Harry Ramsden’s requirements.

The right solution utilises the UKWSL MORE model:

Minimising the cost per cubic meter by ensuring the most suitable containers are used

Optimise container solutions to ensure all recyclable material is placed into the right containers

Rationalise services ensuring half full bins are not being emptied

Energise staff through our engagement programme

Following completion of the audits, key stakeholders met to review the findings of both the current & UKWSL MORE service solutions to agree next steps.

The mobilisation of the new contract was completed using a phased approach. There was a necessity to mobilise using this approach as Harry Ramsden’s was previously contracted to several suppliers meaning there were several different termination dates.

To deliver an effective mobilisation programme, it is important to recognise the value of communication and to ensure that change is clearly communicated to sites. If employees fail to buy in to the benefits of UKWSL’s service solutions, then it is unlikely to ever deliver the expected results. UKWSL recognises that there are many stages required to deliver a successful mobilisation programme.

Firstly, UKWSL appoints a Mobilisation Manager to provide a single point of contact and assume overall responsibility for the change of service from the previous contractor to UKWSL. Next, when auditing all sites, UKWSL not only identifies where service improvements can be made but also identifies any access requirements. Lastly, a comprehensive communication and education plan is implemented to ensure users understand how UKWSL’s service solution will benefit the business’ financial performance and environmental credentials.

Harry Ramsden’s believe believes that UKWSL are a “different kind of corporate” because of our vision, commitment and our capability to demonstrate a holistic approach to managing waste. UKWSL’s service solution represents, “value for money” for Harry Ramsden’s. “value for money” can be defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality

Cost means consideration of the whole life cost. UKWSL’s optimised service solution means that Harry Ramsden’s are able to reduce their waste budget by circa 7% when comparing with a like-for-like service solution.

Quality means meeting a specification which is fit for purpose. UKWSL’s collection service success rate with Harry Ramsden’s is more than 99% for ‘on-time’ collections. Some waste management providers report service success by including missed collections recovered within an agreed number of days. For UKWSL, service success is about being on time.

Sustainability means economic, social and environmental benefits. As Harry Ramsden’s were working with several suppliers previously, no data was collated about recycling performance. By choosing to partner with UKWSL, they are now able to report recycling rates of more than 57%, with ambitions to continue to increase this over the coming years. Through key service partner selection, UKWSL is also able to deliver a landfill diversion rate of more than 99.79% achieving zero waste to landfill solution.