Coronavirus Action Update 2

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees in the workplace is essential.

Addressing the concerns of our employees, our customers and our service partners in an open and transparent manner is our number one priority, and hopefully this will go some way to finding a balance between caution and maintaining a ‘business as usual’ approach.

Many companies are updating Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) to incorporate contingencies related to the rapidly unfolding Coronavirus pandemic and we are no exception. We want to ensure that you are well informed about the actions we are taking to mitigate potential business interruption with regard to waste collection services.

Today – 17th March 2020 – UKWSL had a conference call with nine of the UK’s largest regional waste management operators who provide services to most of the UK’s major cities.

In the event that any of our service partners are directly affected by the pandemic, they have all created BCPs to address the situation where possible. All attendees in today’s meeting discussed their plans, barriers to implementation and solutions they have created to date.  There was consensus from all attendees that we will work together during these challenging times.  There will be no ‘silo mentality’, whether that be a barrier to implementing change or an innovative solution to tackling the situation.  Key stakeholders agreed to update UKWSL daily if they are facing issues which could affect the exceptional standard of service our customers are accustomed  to receiving.  For the foreseeable future, we have all agreed to a weekly conference call to ensure we keep strong lines of communication open.

Most importantly for our customers, if your business is significantly/adversely affected by this pandemic and you are forced to close sites or significantly reduce your daily activity then UKWSL and our service partners will be flexible in our approach to your waste solutions.  Our core values mean that we know how important it is that our customers, employees and suppliers are always treated well and that your experience of working with us is memorable for the right reasons.

Special thanks to Enva, Simply Waste Solutions, Lili Waste Services, Ash Waste Services, Clearaway Recycling & Waste Management, Ellgia, Premier Waste Recycling, Countrystyle Recycling and Brown Recycling Limited for their continued support during these challenging times,

In the event that you do need to amend your service requirements, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01636 640744 or email us on [email protected]