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The utilities sector broadly divides into two areas of focus: Water and Energy. We have experience in dealing with both types of utility provider and understand the differing needs required across the sector.

Gas, coal, tidal power or water usage all leave a carbon footprint on the earth, these resources are most associated with Utility Providers and but we must never overlook the impact waste & resource management has on the environment. In a bid to move ever closer to a net-zero carbon society, it’s essential that businesses create a long-term strategy that includes Reducing, Reusing & Recycling the waste produced as a by-product of your processes: This becomes especially important as regulatory pressures continue to grow on the sector.

Our Approach

Our industry has talked about landfill diversion and recycling for too many years, we believe that our industry has failed to act, resulting in large amounts of waste still being sent to landfill. So, we’ve acted on behalf of our customers to invert the waste hierarchy. Our service partner selection process means that we actively promote and look to work with businesses who  offer landfill diversion – in the form of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), Energy from Waste (EfW) and Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT).

We’re proud to have delivered Zero waste to landfill for the majority of our customers including two of our largest in the Energy sector . Our “Zero the Hero” initiative is a celebration of your environmental achievement.

We work with our customers to audit sites through face to face visits, telephone meetings and on-line meetings. Following site audits and feedback sessions, we outline the key challenges to our customers. UKWSL MORE ensures that we maximise recycling, optimise container usage and minimise your carbon footprint. We agree upon recommendations for change and the control measures that will be implemented to ensure the transition to a recycling driven culture.

We also have experience of dealing with complex waste streams and can provide WAC testing for materials to ensure  appropriate disposal routes are found. We have been responsible for the transportation of the grit and screening waste that is a by-product of the wastewater treatment process. We provide hazardous waste services including IBCs, 205ltr drum collections for various chemicals, tanker solutions and more. However, if you have any bespoke, specialised hazardous waste removal requirements ( Hexavalent Chromium, FGD Duct Waste, Purate and NORMS), our sector experts will provide the assistance you need.

Compliance at your fingertips

Our customers have access to “The Hub” our web-based portal, where you can access accurate and real-time data, giving you complete confidence in the services that we provide. The Hub’s clearly presented data and secure login’s keep your information safe. Because the system is live and web-based, information is accessible anywhere and anytime our customers require it.

It’s important to us that our customers have easy access to compliance documentation, including: electronic copies of waste carrier licences, waste transfer notes, disposal site permits, hazardous waste consignment notes and more.

The Hub gives you confidence that they can access data required for ISO audits, Environment Agency visits and regulatory inspections.

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Richard Bartimote

Corporate Development Manager T: 01636 640744 M: 07702 518972 Connect with me on LinkedIn
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I’ve been in the waste industry for more than a decade. My background is in engineering, this insight has helped me to deliver strategic, innovative projects for my customers. I’m passionate about maximising the environmental value of resources and helping to drive cost out of businesses in a sustainable manner.

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