“Since working with UKWSL we have developed a bond of trust that we previously struggled to find! We can now leave our waste resource management entirely to them, safe in the knowledge that we will get the best service along with the best rates possible”

For larger producers of recyclable material, we utilise our networks to provide Commodity Trading and generate maximum return on the material that you generate.

Our Supply Chain team are constantly assessing the global market. By partnering across the world, we are able to identify purchasers who pay the very best rates for the raw recycled material.*

We are in a unique position in the waste and recycling market, working closely with large and small producers of waste to ensure that they get the benefit of superior revenue or reduced charges.


  • Optimum Rebates
  • Transparency
  • Linked to Indices
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Management of processes

UKWSL is a facilities and waste handling company that combines expert selling with waste and recycling expertise.

We bundle material flows, optimise transport and market new extracted raw materials. We complete the recycling chain and close the material loop. In this way, not only have we provided a major benefit for our customers, but we have also made a major contribution to conserving the planet’s reserves of raw material.

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*Rebates are dependent on quality of material, size of bales, market rates and collecting full loads. (I.e. card/plastics in mill size bales full load of 48 bales, each bale will weigh approx. 500kg).