You may operate a waste management facility such as a transfer station, materials recycling facility, authorised treatment facility, fragmentiser, anaerobic digestion or composting site, RDF, SRF, incinerator or other waste to energy facility or a landfill disposal site.

  • In operating your facility, you may have waste streams that you need to be removed and processed off site.
  • You may be close to the limit of storage of permitted waste types on your site and need to move a one-off quantity of waste or a regular amount.
  • Alternatively you may have spare capacity within your facility and are looking for a one-off load or a regular supply of suitable and consistent material that you are able to process as part of your business.

UKWSL has a number of preferred waste treatment partners throughout the UK, fully licensed or permitted for the waste types and quantities they deal with. As leading waste management brokers established over 15 years, we have used our supplier base to negotiate some very attractive rates. Our commercial partners have regular capacity to take your waste material or provide feed material for you to process. These are bulk rates because of the volumes involved and we offer you the opportunity to share them to reduce your costs and improve margins.

This means whether you are looking to dispose of material from your own operations in a fully compliant and cost effective way, or you have capacity within your operation to take in additional material, let UKWSL help you find the outlets and sources you need. You can be sure that:

  • Each facility providing or taking waste will be fully audited and compliant with all necessary licences and permits for the waste type concerned. Audit reports and licences can be provided
  • UKWSL will ensure material is of consistent type, composition and size as agreed initially and in line with EWC types and material specifications.
  • Facilities may make their own transport arrangements or UKWSL can appoint licensed waste carriers
  • Waste types include:
    – General black bag
    – Waste fines
    – C&D Waste
    – C&I Waste
    – RDF & SRF
    – Other types upon request.

Even if you do not have any immediate need to send any waste streams off site for treatment or disposal and have sufficient feed material coming into your facility currently, contact us anyway. We may be able to find you some more cost effective sources or outlets for waste material to help your business.