Compactors & Balers

For customers and partners that produce large volumes of recyclable or general waste, UKWSL will equip you with the most suitable balers and compactors to effectively process these materials. The installation of baling and compaction equipment significantly reduces the volume of recyclable or general waste material, providing numerous advantages on-site, such as:

  • Less storage space required
  • Reduce number of collections at site
  • Reduce cost associated to collection
  • Achieve maximum payloads per container
  • Rebates for baled recyclables
  • Quick return on investment
  • Improved health & safety
  • Improve site hygiene

We recognise that choosing the correct equipment is vital to our customers, allowing them to maximise the many benefits of our waste handling solutions.

UKWSL Equip products include vertical and horizontal balers, and static and portable compactors, all fitted with bespoke handling systems and manufactured in the UK. Our designers can provide drawings and a bespoke build to fit any customer requirement.

UKWSL Equip balers and compactors are available in a range of colours, provided with clear operating instructions, health and safety stickers and operative training on the day of installation, all supported by our national network of engineers. We provide pre-planned service packages, an emergency call out service and ongoing customer support providing efficient and trouble-free operations.

Balers   Compactors

Site surveys
We will provide a thorough site survey, enabling us to recommend the right waste handling equipment for the material, volume and location it will be operated in. Our experienced survey team are on-site to advise on the various waste management benefits of machine types such as balers vs. compactors and the possible benefits and savings that could be achieved.

UKWSL can also manage your waste and recycling collection service as well as purchase baled recyclable materials from you.