The Hub

Our online Hub presents honest, accurate and real-time data, giving you complete visibility to service performance levels. Our aim is to make the Hub the benchmark reporting system for the waste industry. In order to achieve this objective, we are continuously updating, amending and investing significantly.

By standardising data through our HUB it allows us to provide a suite of reports including any bespoke reports that our clients may wish to have. The added benefit of this easily accessible reporting for our clients is immeasurable and saves them a great deal of time and money.

The great bits include:

• Clearly presented data.

• Secure Log Ins to keep your information safe

• Peace of Mind that data is protected.

• Easy access via the web, 24/7 – access wherever and whenever a customer requires it.

• Easily Integrated with your existing user systems and bespoke Web based platform.

• Live and up to the minute progress tracking – simple, quick and transparent way to track requests and collections.

• Waste management licences on-line – saves time and keeps your records up to date

• Compliance assured at the click of a button – no more paper files.

• Tonnage Reports by material type – Trends – Recycling Progress – Targets of landfill diversion.

• Compliance Documentation helps to keep you on track with regulatory documentation – keeping you abreast of legislation changes and the impact to you.

Steal a march on the competition, your boss, the bloke at the next desk etc. just get in touch today we can’t wait to tell you more about The Hub!